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Transparent EURO-LOOK Rolling Shutter

Transparent EURO-LOOK Rolling Shutter | AL-Nassem Brothers Co

Proprietors and Local Authority Planners have for some time been concerned about the 'dead' effect of solid or perforated rolling shutters. Similarly, architects and designers have been looking for developments in the roller shutter market which would offer security coupled with a high degree of transparency.

Our 'Euorlook' shutter is manufactured using interlocking high impact stabilized polycarbonate molded lenses combined with security aluminum tubing. The strength of the finished shutter is extremely impressive.

'Euorlook' applications are numerous and range from protecting shop fronts, concealed doorways and main entrances to shopping centers, to guarding cash dispensing areas.


  • a crystal clear view through approximately 80% of the surface to be protected.
  • commercially attractive: your window display remains functional when the shutter is down.
  • smooth front surface with nothing to fix.
  • super strong, impact proof material.
  • Very solid and stable.

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