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Flat Single Rolling Shutter

Flat Single Rolling Shutter  | AL-Nassem Brothers Co

The recommended option. This rolling shutter is of galvanized steel profiles with flat cross section. It is made of galvanized steel with thickness from 0.6mm to 1.2mm, depending on your needs. The product consists of the following components: shaft, curtain, guide rails and shutter box.

-Versatility; the product is disposed in a variety of colors.

- Equally, the shutter box can be color matched with the operation to produce a better aesthetic result.

-According to the customers’ requirements and the frequency of its use, the product can be supplied as electronically or manually operated.

-In the same time, we provide the fitting of vented openings that allow light and vision or we can combine the product with its perforated match.


  • Hot dip galvanized steel.

  • Classic flat appearance.

  • Available thickness:  0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm.

  • Ventilation option.

  • Ability for a large percentage of transparency.

  • The best-selling option for commercial businesses.

  • Low cost.

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