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Flat Double Rolling Shutter

Flat Double Rolling Shutter | AL-Nassem Brothers Co

This rolling shutter of double wall galvanized steel profiles with flat cross section is especially designed for business places with particularly high demands. It can be fitted to extremely wide openings that reach up to 18mm in width, while its maximum resistance to wind load reaches the 80Kp/m².  It's made of double wall galvanized steel profiles, with thickness from 0.8mm to 1.0mm for each wall.

-It guarantees your safety. It is an exceptionally solid construction that has reinforcing supports in key points of the frame.

-The system consists of the following elements: curtain, shaft, rail guides and shutter box, which can be easily assembled by professionals, allowing them to have a small stock in their warehouse for their immediate needs.

- It is available in a large range of colors and it can be also supplied with a matched shutter box for optimizing the aesthetic result.

-The lower part of it has a fitted rubber that increases sealing and insulation, while it is specially reinforced in order to provide maximum stability.

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